How far in advance should I book my session?
A limited number of sessions are available each month so that we can focus on providing a customized experience for each of our clients. As such, we encourage you to contact the Studio at your earliest convenience about scheduling, especially during the busy spring and autumn months. Maternity sessions typically take place during the 7th month of pregnancy. 
When are you available to shoot?
Session times are available during the week and on select weekends. Times will vary based on the type of session scheduled. Indoor shoots are generally scheduled during the morning hours and those involving outdoor locations are scheduled during the late afternoon into early evening.
What can I expect during my session?
Complete informational guides are available, by request, based on what type of session you wish to schedule. Topics covered include session fees, time allotted, what to wear, number of clothing changes, hair and make-up options, etc. Each client is different so our time together will be customized to your individual needs and interests. A pre-shoot and style consultation is included with every session and will cover all the important last minute details prior to your actual shoot. Please visit the Contact page on the website to request your session information guide.
Can I bring a friend or family member along?
Yes! High School Seniors should be accompanied by an adult but friends are encouraged to join us if you are comfortable having them tag along. Every client is encouraged to bring along someone special to share in the experience. They will also be included in a few of your pictures with no added session fee.
How long until I can review my images?
A gallery viewing and ordering session will be scheduled 2 weeks after your photo shoot. You will be able to select your favorite images and place an order in the same appointment.
What happens at my gallery viewing?
Every gallery viewing begins with a slideshow of your edited images. Using our simple selection process, we will help you choose your favorites. You will be able to see, touch, feel and handle all our products so that you know what you are ordering before you purchase. Payment is appreciated before your order is placed.
How long until I receive my order?
Depending on which products are ordered, all items are generally ready for delivery within 2-3 weeks of purchase.
I’m ready to book, what’s the next step?
Please visit our Contact page on the website and send me a message. Feel free to begin by requesting a phone consultation. It’s that easy!